Advanced Strategy Analysis – Can I Take My Test For Me?

Are you struggling to prepare for your Advanced Strategy Analysis? Do you find yourself putting off study and planning so you can pass the test? It is not easy to do a course that is this complicated. I am going to show you 3 ways to prepare yourself to take my Advanced Strategy Analysis test.

Let’s start with the first method, by an A+ review book. Now, I know it is pretty obvious that you don’t have a thousand dollars to burn, so that is understandable. But do not despair. There are resources available on the internet for free that will help you take your A+ review course. They will also help you with the subjects that you are actually supposed to cover.

Second, spend some time with a good strategy game. The best one I have seen was Napoleonia. If you are unfamiliar with this game, it is a computerized strategy and battles game. I highly recommend it if you are struggling to get through the entire thing. Once you start playing the game, it will be extremely helpful to your strategy analysis.

Lastly, you should spend some time watching your local TV channel. You may be surprised at the strategy discussions going on right there. Watch the news every morning too. You never know when some history teacher is going to throw a curve ball towards the right square of the screen. This is a great way to take my Advanced Strategy Analysis to the next level.

In all three of those strategies, the question that they will ask you is whether or not you have sufficient knowledge of the subject. My Advanced Strategy Analysis assumes that I know a little bit about the subject. After all, I have spent several years getting an advanced degree in History. Besides, I am certified in the subject and have been doing this since 1993. In that time I have probably had the opportunity to examine the actual question that they are asking.

Of course I have also examined the format of the question and whether or not it is likely to change the strategies I apply. That is, if I am asked the same question within the same format several times, I can reasonably conclude that it will not change. It is an empirical approach and can be tested. However, if I am asked a similar question in a different format, like an essay or a PowerPoint presentation, then my strategy begins to take shape. Once I understand what the examiner is asking, I can consider what my options are and how best to present the answer to her question.

So, I examine the questions I am being asked and make a decision as to which format the question should be presented in. Then I write the format down in my journal so that I do not forget it. And I keep track of my research in that journal so that I can refer to it when the need arises. (Note that I am careful to not make my analyses too long; I want the information I present to be easy to read and understand.)

Then I examine my essay or PowerPoint presentations. If I am asked the same questions at each of these presentations, I make sure I am familiar with them already. If I am not, I write the format down again so I can compare the two formats. Finally I create a bullet list to refer to in the event that I forget the format. Finally I compile my notes into my strategy.