Challenges That Will Not Stop Emerging Economies From Developing

Why is it that we are always asked to do University examinations, when we can simply take my emerging economies and globalization class and study at home? Students always ask me this question in the hope that I may give them some useful tips on how they can cheat their exams and get better grades. It is not possible to give such tips to students, because no one can answer or measure how they have done, until they have shared their results. However if we are really serious about improving our education and knowledge base, then we should be looking out for options like distance learning program, distance education program and online university degree courses. This would make our jobs easier and students would be satisfied with their result.

Take My Emerging Economies And Globalization Why do we still need to go for tough, dry and boring exams, when there are ways of cheating and beating the tests? It is because the present quiz university degree system and exams were designed many years back, before the popularity of Internet and online courses started. So the format and content were already preset and pre-programmed. It is very difficult to change these old structures; and even if you would be able to change the format, the question paper, concept, questions and answers, then they would still have to be properly translated and presented in the online format. Therefore if we are serious about improving our knowledge base, then we should seriously consider using online and distance education programs to help us learn and study.

Online Education Online classes are good enough if you are an occasional learner. For someone who wants to supplement his or her regular course, or a student who wants to take my emerging economies and globalization, then using online classes is the best option for you. Distance education helps you acquire theoretical knowledge, but it also helps you practice the theory by using real life situations. This helps you get practical skills, in the process.

Knowledge Base Knowledge is one of the basic requirements for a better life. In fact, most of the knowledge creation comes from the interactions between people. In an online learning environment, one can interact with others to get the knowledge that he or she has acquired from class. This way, you can reinforce your existing skill and knowledge base, while you simultaneously gain fresh perspectives on new issues. Also, by participating in online discussion forums, you can share your views with others and contribute to the development of knowledge in the society.

Practice Economy Imagine you are a factory producing widgets in China, and you need widgets for different clients in different countries. This means that you need to purchase widgets, get them shipped across country, assemble them, deliver them and then resell them. Now imagine yourself as a middleman in a multinational company manufacturing those same widgets. You will not be able to deliver the ordered widgets fast enough to keep your competition happy. So in the process, you will have to incur expenses such as manpower costs, vehicle costs and above all, you have to incur a cost for the raw materials which are involved in the manufacturing of these widgets. Again, all this would be impossible in an online learning environment, where you can access knowledge at any time and from anywhere.

Market Economy You cannot engage in a business without involving some sort of market. For example, you need a large number of customers to start selling shoes. In the process, you will have to ensure that you find a right place to sell shoes and that shoes find their way to the feet of customers. All this is possible only if you have a good and efficient distribution system. Similarly, in any other sphere of activity, you cannot engage in a production without having a proper market system. If you do not have any market, you cannot generate the required profits.

E-learning The internet is one of the most effective tools that can help you in many ways. It facilitates easy transfer of information from one place to the other and it allows easy communication between various people from various countries. This makes it very easy to share ideas, experiences and knowledge. At the same time, it helps to impart knowledge and improving knowledge at the same time. You can easily get knowledge on how to use various software programs in a simple manner or share knowledge on different platforms, when you participate in online classes.

These are some of the challenges that you may face if you want to involve yourself in an online business. However, it will not make you a loser if you cannot manage to sustain the pace of change. You will have to adapt to the pace of change in the ever-changing economy. As globalization continues to affect each and every country, there will be a need for new and advanced approaches to succeed. There will be huge opportunities for small and medium enterprises to get involved in activities that are directly related to economic development.

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