How to Choose an Online Architecture Tutor

As an online architecture student, I have always been a little curious as to how the online architecture tutors we see work. There are many different online architecture tutors available to students of architecture who want to take the exam in order to get their online degree. As it turns out, not all of the online architecture tutors are created equal. Some of them do a very poor job, and I have seen students left frustrated and with bad memories from their university days because of a bad experience with an online architecture tutor.

For one thing, it seems as though most of the online architecture tutors that I have seen are working for a particular online architecture firm that may not even exist. The online architecture tutors that are available are often working as online marketing agents for that one firm. In other words, they are getting paid to make online connections and to bring people into their online architecture firm. This often leaves the young students of architecture with little to do while they wait for their online tutors to get back to them. I have seen students sent multiple emails asking the tutor to call them back, but in actuality, the tutor never does call.

Secondly, I have seen many online architecture tutors give students very low marks for the work that they did. This is not only done without reason, but it is very likely that the online tutor purposely gave the low grades in order to discourage the student from further studying with them. This type of behavior should not be encouraged. It is not fair to students to grade them poorly and then ask them to do even more work when they have already had the experience.

Some online architecture tutors will assign homework or even tests to students. This is wrong and should never be done. Students need guidance and should not be punished for trying to get answers for a problem that they have. It is best to let them complete the assignment and then check on their work.

In the end, online architecture tutors must realize that there are more problems that can be solved through forums than through their online connections. The best way to find out what other online architects are doing is by checking online forums. Many people share their experiences with other architects, who are located all over the world. You can even connect with these people and start working with them. Soon, you will learn what other students are doing online and you will be able to use this information to improve your own techniques.

One last thing that online architecture tutors must remember is that they are being judged by other online students. If the online student remarks about something that you did incorrectly, do not retaliate. It is unlikely that your reputation will ever be repaired when you act like this, so you might as well try to improve your technique. After all, you would not want to embarrass yourself in front of hundreds of potential clients.

The world of online architecture tutors is a very competitive one. Students from all over the world flock to the University of Michigan each year to pursue an education in this field. Competition can also be good because it means that students will be learning from the best of the best. Unfortunately, some online architecture tutors are not up to par when it comes to providing feedback and helping students achieve their goals. This is especially true if you are not receiving feedback from the instructor.

This is why it is important that online architecture tutors make sure that they listen to their students and provide constructive criticism. This is much better than yelling at the student or telling them that they did not do a good job. Overall, online tutoring is a great option for those who wish to further their education without having to go to a university or college. If you are serious about improving your skills as an architect then hiring an online tutor is probably the best way to do so. After all, with all of the advancements in technology, an online education is easily attainable.

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