The Chinese Business Society and Foreign Relations Certification

Chinese Business Society and Foreign Relations take my exam for me because they know that it will take more than two hours to finish my degree program this coming January. I am in between semesters and need all the help I can get. The University of Houston in the State of Texas is one of the top ranked colleges in the entire country. It took four years and a half of studying in China for me but I now graduate with my Master’s Degree.

This University has been a great help for me in getting my education. Two Chinese Studies professors who taught my Advanced Accounting class have advised me on what I should study to prepare for my university examination help online course. They have told me that there are many topics to read up on to prepare for my university examination help online.

Two weeks before my exam, I took up a study plan which gave me a time frame to complete the course and study. I worked myself to schedule my study time in such a way that I would study at a particular time in the evening after I would return from work. I was able to set my own timetable and work around my job and family. The result was that I completed all of my required reading and writing objectives during the same time period.

My preparation for my TOEFL and EQA tests were also very effective. I spent a lot of time reading Chinese and looking up information on the internet. By putting together a study guide which included basic research techniques as well as techniques to help me with my test preparation, I was able to pass with flying colors. I learned some common mistakes to avoid and developed my own strategies to take my exam for me.

During my preparation I read a lot about the history of Chinese foreign relations and how the country had developed its international trade. In doing this I developed a good working knowledge of how Chinese business works. I also looked at how Chinese culture relates to world affairs. All of this gave me an insight into the way foreign affairs are managed in China.

Many of the books I used on my studying Chinese at home were based on stories, poems and essays, all dealing with local business life in different parts of the country. One of the most successful was Managing Chinese Business by Prof. Yang, who is now Emeritus professor at Columbia University. This was an excellent resource for me to build my skills in Chinese business administration and diplomacy. I still use many of the books and reference guides to help me with my studying and foreign relation strategies.

Now that I have finished my studying for the Test for International Business Citizens, I must get back to some serious work! If I am chosen as a foreign representative to China, I will need to be ready to spend most of my time in China. My wife and I plan to stay in our current residence while I am away. I will need to have a complete understanding of Chinese culture and all aspects of its foreign relations. There are also plenty of speaking opportunities for me once I am back in the United Kingdom.

For anyone who is preparing to take the Test for International Business Citizens this may give you a good idea about what is involved. If I can pass the examination, I will be able to represent China in important negotiations, including the negotiation of a free trade agreement with the European Union. If I cannot pass the test for me, the Chinese Government will probably choose someone else to represent China on the world stage. So get started on your studying for the Chinese Business Society and Foreign Relations certification exams.