The Power of Collaboration and Negotiation

Collaboration Conflict and Negotiation are taking place in classrooms across the world. Students in University courses are being forced into a collaboration with multiple other students in order to complete projects, quizzes and exams. This is not a comfortable situation for any student. When a group of students feel like they are being held down and controlled by a larger group of people, they begin to feel resentment, and even get verbally aggressive when communicating. The tension and conflict often take on a personal nature as students begin to hold back information and say mean and politically incorrect things to one another during the course of project work and even in class.

So, how do collaboration conflict and negotiation help me? As the professor who is teaching my course said “students will think that they have done well if they win a project or some other thing”. I see this as very true, yet if I were to ask those same students “how well would they do if we had a team setting where each one got two minutes to present their idea to the group as a whole” would be a different story. It appears that those students who are in a collaborative setting will indeed do better on the test. This is because in a collaborative setting each person is more involved and has a vested interest in the outcome. Therefore, the process of collaboration and negotiation breaks down the barriers of ego and resistance, and allows each individual to be more involved and responsible for the end result.

There is no sense in a University course or University exam for students to be involved in a team or a group setting where each person gets two minutes to say their idea or how they would improve the system. It’s okay for the professors to allow this, but what about the rest of the students? How can they study and do their homework effectively when there are only one instructor and no one to monitor their work and give grades?

In my opinion, I believe that the collaboration model needs to be taken out of the syllabus altogether. As long as there is some form of collaboration, there is an element of collaboration involved in good research. The only problem with this model of learning is that often students are given a piece of paper or an answer sheet and told to collaborate with their classmates. However, in the real world no one knows what the outcome will be, so in reality collaboration is just waiting to happen, and as long as that happens students will not be having to take their LMS examinations. So, although I believe that collaboration conflict and negotiation take my exam for me really should be removed from the exam, I am also willing to admit that I have a soft spot for all of those students who suffer through the assignments without getting rewarded.

On the other hand, it makes perfect sense for me to have a very strict time schedule and prepare as much as possible. If I was to take my test in a week then I know I can dedicate the time to properly prepare, and I also know that if I don’t I would probably fail. For me, collaboration conflict and negotiation are definitely not going to help me pass my exam. However, this doesn’t mean that collaboration conflict and negotiation are bad.

Rather, they could be the very foundation that is needed in order for you to be able to write good papers. If your main problem is that your classmates keep stealing your ideas, then collaboration is definitely a great idea, because if you can get your ideas across to several minds then you will probably be able to take my exam for me. On the other hand, if your main problem is not knowing how to express your ideas, then collaboration is not a good idea.

My final thought on collaboration and negotiation taking my exam for me is this. It’s not like your average class where there is always somebody there who is struggling. This class is so important, because it will determine whether or not you actually pass my test, and you deserve it more than anyone else! You need to make sure that collaboration and negotiation are the very foundation that you use in order to take my exam for me.

I wish you luck on your future projects. I am sure that you will do quite well on them. Just remember that collaboration and negotiation is the key to success. It may seem like you have no use for this class, but you would be surprised how useful it can be! Once you get involved in collaboration and negotiation, you will never go back to doing what you normally do.