University Specializations in Operations in Entertainment, Media and Technology (EMT)

Operations in Entertainment and Technology is my specialty. I also offer video game design, game programming, animation, visual arts, technical writing and presentation design. I have had the pleasure of presenting at the Game Developers Conference, attended the Game Connection Worldwide Expo, appeared on numerous television shows and spoke at a symposium on Game Design at the University of Southern California’s Game Development Program. I have been asked to do product demonstrations at Hot Topic, Nintendo, AOL, Microsoft and several other venues.

My presentations have taken attendees to new worlds that are not only fascinating but fun as well. My most memorable presentations were at the Game Connection expo in Las Vegas, NV. I presented our “VR Fun” software and shared several unique and fun experiences I had with one of my clients. Several presenters asked me about the presentation and after my talk was over, they asked if I would make a presentation the next day. Of course I obliged and had several people ask if they could see my slide presentation from the side.

Operations in Entertainment and Technology has expanded into many different aspects of business for me. I have traveled to multiple states and regions. I have been invited to speak at major corporate events and meetings. I have presented in front of groups of all sizes and expertise level. If I didn’t have multiple years of experience in this industry, I wouldn’t know what to expect in one-week visit to the Las Vegas Strip.

I think there is a misconception out there that operations in entertainment and technology have to be very creative. I am here to prove otherwise! As an Entertainment and Technology field M.B.A. graduate, I have the ability to bring fresh perspective to many businesses in the major entertainment and creative industries.

Two of my passions are to teach and share what I have learned. My classes are designed to provide the latest cutting-edge technology, application, marketing, & creative strategies that prepare students for careers in operations in entertainment and technology. My second passion is to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs. Last year, I landed jobs as an operations expert at the newly-opened accelerator located in New York City, the Marshall Institute.

From my experience and education, these operations in entertainment and hospitality industry specializations are some of my favorites. The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management Information Systems program at the University of Southern California helps students explore new work concepts and how to leverage technology to improve operational efficiencies. The Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management and Policy focuses on implementing best practices and identifying future challenges and opportunities. The Graduate Certificate in Hospitality was designed for graduate students wanting to pursue a career in hotel operations, restaurant management, hospitality, or sales. My experiences at these universities will serve as solid foundations to start or continue a successful career in this industry.

Another one of my specializations is the Master of Arts in Media and Technology (MBA) specialization. Unlike most mba students who are hired straight out of school, the concentration of this specialization allows for students to gain practical experience while gaining academic knowledge in areas beyond their bachelor’s degree. This specialization is great for those pursuing entry-level jobs in entertainment, media and technology (emt) industries. Students can expect to take general courses covering business basics, information systems, math and statistics, interpersonal communications and basic marketing. They can also opt to take a series of advanced courses in business leadership, strategic management, finance, and accounting, along with internships and apprenticeships throughout the year.

Another exciting university specialization is the Master of Arts in Hospitality (MHA) program. Like many other university specializations, an online mba degree lets students pursue a full curriculum through accredited online learning websites, including lectures and clinical programs. The goal of participating in an online MBA program is to help graduates and entry-level positions in hospitality and restaurant industries. Graduates will be prepared with strong interpersonal communication skills, management and leadership skills, and technical abilities to help with all aspects of operations in hospitality and restaurant businesses.