What Do You Think About Paying Someone to Take My Examination of University?

My previous article, “What do you think about paying someone to take my university examination of university?” was about the private institution exams. In this one I want to discuss more about online university courses. For starters, there are fees for every course on any university campus. University tuition fees are rising by the month.

I will not pretend to know what the fee structure is at each university; however, I have been studying for a Master’s degree in Education for well over a decade and I know how academic fees work. Most institutions will charge a fixed fee regardless of the number of units completed. Some institutions have very generous fee structures, where students complete hundreds of units and still only pay the fee for the first 100 units. Then there are the institutions that will charge the equivalent of two units at a fixed fee, even if a student completes thousands of units.

What do you think about paying someone to take my university examination of university? In my opinion the fee should be equal to the cost of having the course designed for you. In other words, if the university has a very generous fee structure for their undergraduate degree programs, they should not be able to charge a flat fee for their graduate program either. After all, the graduate degree is not an “additional” feature of the university, it is an extension of the undergraduate degree.

What about taking an online examination? There are two sides to this question. On one hand, some people believe that university testing is becoming obsolete due to the availability of online learning. On the other hand, some people believe that continuing education and training at a university are essential to a successful career. What about taking a course in “life coaching” while you work? Who is going to test your knowledge?

I have heard from some colleagues who believe that it makes no sense at all to charge for any type of course that requires experience in addition to the online teaching materials. In other words, an RN license will get you through the examination, but an associate’s degree will not. So, what is the difference? It seems to me that those who argue that continuing education makes no sense at all in this case, are misinformed. Further, I note that many states are now requiring licensing in addition to the examination for those who wish to become licensed as a nurse anesthetist.

The second issue raised with me was about the fee for taking this type of online course. Some folks say that it is more expensive than a typical classroom course. Is that true? And if it is not, why would anyone pay the fee to take their university course online if it is cheaper to just take an online RN to BSN degree? Again, what do you think about paying someone to take my examination of university?

Let me tell you about myself. I took the online RN to BSN examination three times in three different years. That’s right, I got my associate’s degree in nursing and then went on to take the test that would certify me as an RN. That was a great four-year investment. Now, don’t get me wrong, there were some really tough things that I had to study and do under the pressure of a tough competition. But I did it.

Do you have to pay the fee in order to take the college’s Online RN to BSN Examination? The answer to the latter question is no. Not anymore. What you have to understand is that now you can take the examination for free. This is the first in a series of steps that will help to completely transform your life. All you have to do is to enroll and you will get started.