Why, If Anyone, Should I Take the Business of Platforms Networks and Two Sided Markets Test?

The Business of Platforms is very similar to that of an OSD (Obsidian, Autopilot) or a MCD (Mind Bay Dynamics, eMindets). But there is also a third stage, which I have been missing out on because it seems to be too complicated for me. Two sided markets and channels for the study of learning, growth, and motivation to take my attention. What if I hire someone to do my university examination help online?

Well, they can do the business of platforms networks and two sided markets but what will happen when they come face to face with marketing? Marketing is just like the platform business model only scaled up. How will they study the behavior of the buyer then? And how will they measure the engagement of the seller? And how will they know where they are at in the channel and what actions they need to take to reach the next level?

What if I hire someone to do my University examination help online? They will do the market and study the behavior of buyers, sellers and channel. Then they will see if the sellers have the strength to sustain the momentum. And the buyers need to see if the channel has the potential to carry the performance to the next level. And if all the three have the same view and they are all committed to do the same, what is stopping them from moving?

This is why I believe we should use a combination of all three to do the same task. When I am teaching and doing the study, I will need to take a complete virtual platform to get the whole picture. It will give me the ability to ask the same questions to multiple buyers and sellers and get the same answer. If I have to take my complete class and do the study on my own, I will spend a lot of time on each topic and spend a fraction of my time learning the concepts. This is how I teach my students the basics of two sided channels and how they need to think about and move through the performance in the real world market.

So, if I do this same thing when I go online for my training, which will work better? I will start by taking a complete virtual course. Then I will write the chapters and all the supporting documents I need to include and then I will create my test and I will take my final exam. This might be easier and works best for me.

Here is another question: does this mean I can do the study anywhere I want? No, of course not. My wife is going to have to stay with me to help me with my final project and that may even change the dates of the classes. So, I need to be very careful with my schedule. But, I am able to study my chosen market and software systems anywhere at any time.

So, why does this all matter if I am selling the products and services online? Well, if you are not putting all your eggs in one basket and hoping that the market will take you everywhere, you may find yourself out of business before you ever have a chance to get off the ground. I have been in the markets virtually every day for the past five years, so I have learned some of the tricks of the trade, but my income has not caught up the way I planned it to. The reason why the two sided markets are so lucrative and the platform system is so easy to learn is because the majority of the people that enter the market are making the most money within the first three months and the majority of the people that are still in the market make their money after the first year. This is because they set their goals and they stick with them.

My question is why would anybody want to take the time to learn the business of platforms networks and two sided markets take my test. They will want to just jump right in head first and become very successful quickly and without any effort on their part. Please consider all this in 2006.