Why Students Should Learn Operations in Panama

The United States invasion of Panama, named Operation Just Cause, lasted more than a month from mid-December 1989 to early January 1990. This was part of the military action against Nicaragua following the Nicaragua Sandinistas’ seizure of strategically placed islands in the Pacific Ocean. The reason for our invasion of Panama was to prevent the Nicaraguan government from taking over areas that had been in American hands in the past. It also wanted to defend our interests in Central America from those seeking liberation from the rule of the former regime.

During the course of the war, hundreds of Americans were killed. Over 100 were wounded. I served two tours of duty in Vietnam and one tour in Kuwait. I have seen all the wars, and I want you, the readers of this book, to understand that the United States of America is not always prepared for every contingency.

We are at war, whether we want to be or not. Our economy depends on foreign trade. What will we do if the economic collapse occurs – due to a collapse of the American economy? What will happen to the remainder of our Latin American neighbors? My main point is this: We cannot continue to spend our way into prosperity.

To be successful, as we embark upon future operations in Panama, we must invest in ourselves and build our strength and resiliency. We need smart, innovative students from all walks of life who know how to compete in today’s global economy. We need them to win the battle in our colleges and universities.

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For students like you, finishing your operations in Panama can be a bit overwhelming. This University course will help you gain valuable insight into the successful operations of a busy corporation. Students who take this course will be able to implement practical skills and learn managerial economics, motivating, empowering skills, international business and communication skills. Furthermore, students will be prepared for their SATs and have an edge over other applicants on their college level.

Are you currently in high school or college? If you answered yes to these questions then you are ready for the University of Panama. This University offers an exciting and challenging curriculum which allows you to obtain a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. Once you graduate you will be able to capitalize on your new found knowledge through the hands on experience of your Latin American coordinator.

Now that you are in school you should be aware that it may be a little difficult to leave your current job for a University. It is important that you thoroughly evaluate your current job and what benefits it offers you. Furthermore, you should also be willing to give your career a good long look before you make any major decisions. This preparation is extremely important as it prepares you for your newly found career. The more time you spend preparing for your new venture the better prepared you will be when you enter the interview stage.

In conclusion, the University of Panama is an excellent choice for students who are interested in operations in Panama. This is a top notch institution that offers a wide variety of programs and majors that can help to fulfill all of your business-related goals. You may not know exactly what the future holds for you, but you have every right to be prepared for it by taking classes at one of the leading institutions of higher education in the country. After you graduate, you will be well on your way to taking advantage of the opportunities available to you in Panama.