Why Would Someone Take My Corporate Transformation and Leadership Quiz For Me?

A few years back I took my corporate transformation and leadership quiz for me to see how I did in comparison to other people. At first I was pleased with my results but then I thought that perhaps I was doing something wrong and that it was affecting my performance in the business. Then one day, I came across an article in an article directory and saw that some people were taking their company’s leadership and transformation quiz for themselves online. At first I thought it was a very interesting idea but then I remembered that I had actually taken my corporate performance and transformation quiz for myself several years ago and I also wondered what sort of results I would get this time.

After some research I found out that there are many websites that offer personal and group tests. Some have several sections which include questions about leadership style, planning, managing, delegation, delegating skills, communication skills and so on. They also have tests on areas like managing and marketing and then they give you your results in the form of a quiz.

So I started looking for websites offering the service and I discovered that they were all over the Internet. They also offered free tests and some even had a money back guarantee if you were not satisfied. I decided to take my corporate transformation and leadership quiz for me to find out if I was doing my career properly or if I needed to make some changes. Since I did not want to pay anything, I just looked for one that offered a money back guarantee and decided to go for it.

The company I chose required me to fill in a lot of information and to provide certain types of information such as my career goal, my interests, work experiences, my strengths and weaknesses and my work history. I was asked to answer basic questions first and then asked more specific questions regarding my work history, my skills and the responsibilities each of these responsibilities entailed. I also was asked to take part in personality questionnaires that were sometimes very long and hard to complete.

When I started completing these personality questionnaires, I realized that I would probably spend more than an hour on one of these things. So to keep myself busy I just started answering questions that asked about my interests, my work experiences, my talents and my goals. And I realized pretty quickly that most of the questions on these forms could be categorized under the heading of “non-personal” information.

Now, I think that if you were asked to take a poll of the people who are filling out these surveys, they would probably say that the most common type of questions being asked is “why do you want to take my corporate transformation and leadership quiz for me?” Or “why should I spend time completing this questionnaire?” If you have ever answered a job question this way, then I am sure that most of them would tell you that it’s because they don’t really care what they are being asked or that they don’t want to answer that particular type of question. Most people probably don’t care either way.

I have to ask though; why do people want to take my corporate transformation and leadership quiz for me? And why do they need to do so? Is it because they need some sort of certification or training? Well, not necessarily… If that is your reason for taking the test, then by all means go for it, but if not, here is a good reason why you shouldn’t:

The problem with those online tests that promise to give you certification or training is that they are very expensive. I will be completely honest with you and say that I have spent literally thousands of dollars on these tests. I have paid high amounts of money just so that I could take a quick quiz to see what I know. The results from taking these quick quiz are never great. Most of the times, the questions on these tests will require you to read large amounts of text, which is a total waste of my time and money.