The Business of Broadcast and Cable Take My Exam For Me

A couple of years back I went to college, in fact I still do go to college, for one reason only, and that was to get the university examination help I needed. You see, I went to college because I wanted to get into the television business and work in a broadcasting company, after I got out of school I never thought that I would ever leave college, but apparently fate has been kinder to me than I thought to be. I graduated, got a great job and started a family, then all of sudden I decided to take a year off and travel the world for two years. Well lucky me, it worked out really well for me. In fact, I landed myself a job in the United Kingdom’s biggest and best television network.

The name of the network is Bournemouth University and when I say ‘business’ I mean that literally too, they are the largest and best of the British Universities in terms of size and scope. And now I am starting my classes once again and this time I have some great company behind me, my very own personal tutor. Yes, I am taking my Business of Broadcast and Cable Exam for the very first time, something I never thought I could do. If you have dreams of making it big in the television industry, the odds are that you too will need the business skills I learned while I was away from college.

I took my Business of Broadcast and Cable Examination last week, so I can tell you that my tutors were top notch and they did not try to hide any of the facts about the subject in any way. There was nothing hard about the course materials or the work, in fact the work was far more straight forward than I would have expected. It was simply a case of understanding the concepts and learning how to apply them in the real world. I learned exactly what I should have learned in school but because I am so used to working I did not really realise what I was missing until I was given the chance to sit the exams. After all those years at university I am sure I missed a lot of things over the years, but I learned all of them this time round.

So, if you are one of those people that wants to get into broadcasting, whether it be in the less glamorous worlds of radio and TV or the more high end commercial areas of advertising and sponsorships, you might want to think about taking the Business of Broadcast and Cable exam. You can study the exams at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home. I can’t say I was ‘that nervous’ about sitting the exams, but it did seem like a bit of a daunting prospect. Not because of the subject itself, no, but because I had no idea what I was going to have to do on the day.

Having done my syllabus in detail before I sat the exam, I did worry about certain topics, such as whether I was to sit the entire test online (I hadn’t heard of some of the topics I’d intended to cover) but mostly I just worried about making it through the exams. This is quite common for people who have not sat a university degree before. In fact, I was quite surprised that I actually managed to get this far after having missed several university classes. I must have been a really slow learner.

Anyway, once I’d got through the Business of Broadcast and Cable take my exam for me started quickly. Well, as quickly as I got through the first two sections (which were mainly written questions), I found myself being surprised by the other two sections – which were based around the topics of finance and economics. These were a bit more difficult than the other topics I had studied, so I felt a little out of place when I tried to answer the questions. But after I got through these I was well and truly ready to pass the exams!

But as I said, I didn’t pass the Business of Broadcast and Cable take my exam for me straight away. I was surprised by the fact that it took about three weeks, or perhaps even two months, to get through them all. It would seem that if you are prepared to study a lot then you can certainly complete the whole set in that time.

However, on the day I was due to take the Business of Broadcast and Cable take my exam for me straight away, I knew I had to wait until the following day. I had put this off for a few weeks to see how I’d do. The very next day I got a call from my school. They said that I’d be disappointed if I didn’t come back on the same day, because the results were going to be published the following month. I was disappointed but I decided to go along and take the test, just in case. I’ve learned my lesson – if you are serious about your job then you will take the time to do well on the exams.